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Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP works with clients from around the world to protect a wide range of intellectual property. A variety of legal and technical knowledge, training, skills and perspectives are vital to such a bold and broad undertaking.

We aspire to the same diversity in the composition of our firm. ARE is committed to recruiting and retaining attorneys and staff from all backgrounds. Inclusiveness enriches the firm as a workplace and reflects our community. Promoting diversity is an integral component of our quest for excellence as a firm. We embrace the principles of equal employment opportunity and maintain a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

We participate in opportunities to pursue diversity initiatives with clients, bar associations and minority organizations. For example, for the past several years we have participated in the National Black Students’ Association Northeast Regional Job Fair and support the Latin American Law Students Association at Columbia University. In addition, our firm is a member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.

Our partners, attorneys and staff are involved in numerous efforts to enrich the education of inner-city students and increase the number pursuing the study of science and math—the prerequisite for a career in IP law with us. One of our partners is chair of the board of directors of CityScience, a program to foster interest in science among disadvantaged youngsters. We also provide significant financial and leadership support to Education through Music, and community programs such as YAI, the Sever Institute and groups that offer creative and athletic programs for special needs children.

Women’s Initiatives Group 

In recognition of the fact that women in the legal profession are faced with issues and challenges that are in many ways different from those facing their male peers, Amster Rothstein has formed a Women’s Initiatives Group.

As part of our effort to promote the development of women within the firm and the profession, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein has formed the Women’s Initiatives Group to provide an opportunity for women to develop and build on their unique strengths.

The Women’s Initiatives Group has several goals, which include:

• to provide women with opportunities to develop and strengthen professional relationships within the firm
• to create and support business development opportunities for women
• to enhance professional development among women through mentoring and educational programs
• to foster relationship building between our women lawyers, alumni and clients through various events and programs

To learn more about the program, contact our women’s initiatives group leader Holly Pekowsky.

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