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The fashion-buying public is more fickle than ever, and this season’s hot item usually arrives unexpectedly, is pursued in a brief rush of demand, and then seems to disappear abruptly. With product lifecycles like this, it’s a challenge to capitalize fully on the products you make that are in great demand.

At Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP, our experience with our apparel and retailing clients is that the most reliable path to sustained profitability is through the cultivation and development of a strong brand: A trademark that consumers can come to rely upon almost without thinking, so that there is no hesitation between attraction to an item and purchase.

Few other industries are so heavily reliant on name brands as retailing and apparel. For over 50 years, we have counseled clients large and small, brand-new and venerable, local and international, in this challenging and ever-changing environment.

Where, as here, your brand truly is your product, make sure your investment in it is safeguarded. Talk with our seasoned, knowledgeable lawyers to ensure you’re doing all you should be to get the most out of your brand.

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