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IAM turns to Partner Charley Macedo for insights on Solicitor General’s Brief in American Axle recommending the Supreme Court grant certiorari

May 27, 2022

In its May 27, 2022 posting, Angela Morris from IAM turned to partner Charley Macedo for insight on the Solicitor General’s long awaited brief in American Axle v. Neapco. Mr. Macedo and the firm were Counsel of Record for the New York Intellectual Property Law Association on its Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court recommending the Court to take certiorari in this case.

In “Applauding solicitor general’s American Axle brief, US patent lawyers pray for Supreme Court review”, IAM reports:

Asked for his reflections, Charles Macedo, partner in Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein in New York, says American Axle demonstrates how “patent eligibility law is all messed up” and that it is the perfect case to illustrate the unexpected repercussions of Alice, Myriad and Mayo.

“If they can clarify the law on abstractness and maybe unwind a little bit of Mayo and Alice, that will hopefully reinvigorate development with patents and innovation. I think, unfortunately, patent eligibility has stifled a lot of interest in investment in new technologies that are novel and inventive because it can’t be protected,” says Macedo, who represented the New York Intellectual Property Law Association in filing an amicus brief that sided with American Axle.

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Mr. Macedo and the firm have long been thought leaders and strong advocates in the field of patent-eligibility.

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