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WTR Turns to Partner Max Vern on How To Mitigate Risks Of Trademark Scams

May 28, 2024

WTR in its May 28, 2024 article “How to protect your clients from new scams targeting US trademark applicants” ( turns to Max Vern, Partner, Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP for his insights on how to mitigate risk from the proliferation of scams targeting trademark applicants in the United States:

One unfortunate side effect of the growing importance of trademarks is the significant increase in scams and fraud committed by “unscrupulous actors that try to cash in on trademark owners’ rights”, says Max Vern of Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein. “The key is strategy and diligence, regardless of whether we are dealing with spoofers trying to lure trademark owners to ‘file’ or ‘renew’ brands through them, more sinister hijackers trying to fraudulently get marks assigned to them to get a foothold in the marketplace or outright copycats flooding the market with counterfeits.”

For more information about trademark law and how to mitigate risk of scams, please contact one of our trademark attorneys.


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