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Since 1953, Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP has been one of the nation’s leading intellectual property law firms, focused on a full-service IP practice, including:

Quite possibly the most dynamic field of the law, intellectual property deals with ideas: new technologies, emerging styles, even entire industries that may not have existed only five or ten years ago.

To meet this challenge, our partners, senior counsel and associates, most of whom hold engineering or science degrees, stay on the leading edge of change, constantly updating their knowledge of often complex legal, technical and business developments.

Our expertise in fields such as electronics, mechanics, chemistry, computers, biotechnology, physics, and finance, matched by our understanding of your business needs, allows us to deploy the most appropriate match of skills and resources for your case. We also like to think our firm is the right size: large and stable enough to make effective use of proven strategies and tools, but small and nimble enough to apply more flexible, creative approaches to issues, discovering new ways of contributing value to your IP portfolio.

With an impressive record of success, we represent clients ranging from entrepreneurs and start-up ventures to domestic and multinational Fortune 500 clients, across a wide range of industries.

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