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Rechargeable Li-ion batteries power the world around us every day - in electric cars, portable electronics such as cell phones and laptops, in electric tools and medical devices. Society increasingly relies on rechargeable lithium-ion battery technologies.

Every aspect of lithium-ion batteries is intensively researched for improvement from separators to electrode materials to electrolyte chemistry.  
The development of lithium-ion batteries often involves complex safety and performance challenges that can take years to solve. During this time, there are many patent challenges that can get in your way. A patent infringement assertion from a competitor can delay, and even derail, your development and commercialization efforts. If your own products are not properly protected, your competitors may be able to knock-off your technology.  
We have extensive experience in successfully guiding lithium-ion battery field clients through the many patent challenges that arise from proof of concept through commercialization. Representative work in the lithium-ion battery field includes:
Whether you research, develop, manufacture or license lithium-ion battery technology, our experienced lawyers can assist you at every stage of the life cycle.  
Our team has degrees in fields such as physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science engineering and chemistry. Together, we can develop and implement a comprehensive intellectual property strategy to help maximize your competitive power. 
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