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As a firm that focuses exclusively on all facets of intellectual property law, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP has more specialized intellectual property law attorneys than general practice firms many times our size. Most of our lawyers have both extensive litigation experience as well as a technical background. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in all types of intellectual property disputes, whether it is a bet-the-company litigation, a nuisance-value litigation, or anything in between. We litigate in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition and anti-counterfeiting.

As a true boutique practice, staffing for each case is carefully considered based on the needs and stakes in a case. Our partners meet weekly to determine how our firm’s most valuable resource, our people, should be utilized to best serve our clients. We tailor our litigation staffing and communications with our clients to the client’s needs and strategic goals. We also have developed expertise at minimizing the burdens and costs associated with document production and electronic discovery in intellectual property litigations.

We understand the value of having a solid case on the merits as the basis to prevailing at trial, winning by summary judgment, or achieving a beneficial settlement. We therefore work diligently with our clients to identify, develop, and execute on the best overall case strategy for the particular dispute.

We have a longstanding record of success in litigating and favorably resolving intellectual property disputes, and our attorneys have experience in the major venues for intellectual property disputes across the United States. By tapping this experience, we can help your company develop a litigation strategy and execute on that strategy to best resolve litigation matters.

Our attorneys routinely litigate intellectual property disputes in the Federal Courts of New York, Texas, California, Delaware, or Illinois, as well as in the popular “rocket dockets” in Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. Likewise, we have successfully represented complainants and respondents before the International Trade Commission (“ITC”). Our attorneys also have a wealth of experience in representing clients in private arbitrations and mediations.

Whether your dispute is raised before a Federal Court, the International Trade Commission, or in a private ADR setting, such as arbitration or mediation, our litigators guide our clients to successful results.

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