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Trademarks are nothing less than your identity and brand in the marketplace. For many firms this can be an asset of almost incalculable value. Trademarks and Service marks are indispensable to establishing and maintaining the reputation of your firm, your products, and services, and your brand, and to providing the competitive distinction that puts your business over the top.

Our trademark practice encompasses the full panoply of what you need to create, register, maintain, license, and benefit from your trademark portfolio. Specifically, we assist clients domestically and around world in:

Our seasoned trademark lawyers can anticipate pitfalls and help you avoid them before they occur—when it’s most economical to do so. We have decades of experience in avoiding litigation by strategically planning in advance to navigate around hazards. But if litigation becomes necessary, you can count on our courtroom-savvy lawyers to be on top of the very latest decisions pertinent to your situation.

Your trademarks are among your most valuable assets; don’t they deserve the best possible care and handling?


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