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Over the past 15 years, consumer spending on electronics has roughly doubled, in constant dollars1. Household ownership rates of virtually every device have risen steadily during the same period2. At the same time, entirely new categories of consumer electronics—such as iPods—are introduced regularly. In this rapidly-changing industry, brand names or trademarks have never been more important. Equally important is protecting the underlying innovations that provide the latest features and competitive distinctions among and between brands. This is where we come in.

With decades of experience in consumer electronics, from the advent of color TV to today’s latest DVRs, Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP lawyers have protected our clients’ valuable investments in innovation and assured that they receive proper credit in the marketplace for their distinctive products. As product lifecycles become increasingly short, and as me-too competitors arise seemingly before you can turn around, the importance of protecting your reputation for quality and innovation has never been greater.

We understand the value of your brand, and we have the experience and know-how to vindicate your rights in the marketplace if challenged. Few industries in the world are as fast-changing as consumer electronics. We have always kept up, and the ride is only getting more exciting.

When your firm faces challenges on this ever-evolving landscape, you can count on the experience, creativity, and pragmatism of Amster, Rothstein, and Ebenstein.

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