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The most successful companies in today's technology and brand-driven economy view their intellectual property as a crucial and valuable asset. Our attorneys' blend of litigation, licensing, and prosecution expertise allows us to best assess the strength and value of your own and your competitor’s patents and other intellectual property assets to craft a meaningful IP strategy.

Being able to develop a competitive intellectual property portfolio, either internally through focused prosecution or through the selective acquisition of key intellectual property assets, is an increasingly important core competency. Strategic development of your company’s intellectual property portfolio is valuable both for revenue generation as well as for defensive purposes. Assessing the substantive impact and value of one’s own intellectual property assets has been and continues to be a critical aspect of transactions of all types.

We have reviewed and evaluated patent portfolios across wide and varied technologies to provide our clients with a clear assessment of strengths and weaknesses, to develop a strategic plan that takes into account the competitive landscape, and to then provide specific guidance as to how to maximize the value of the overall portfolio.

Success in today’s business environment also requires the skill and know-how to negotiate a complex and ever-changing intellectual property landscape, including understanding risk from your competitor’s intellectual property. At Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP, we have substantial experience in analyzing patents and other types of intellectual property and providing in-depth opinions on infringement, design around, validity, and enforceability.

Likewise, some of the largest companies in the world have turned to our firm to evaluate acquisitions of key patent, copyright and trademark assets, including patent and trademark portfoilios in the consumer goods and telcommunications fields as well as major motion picture, television and recorded music libraries. We have worked with top mergers and acquisitions specialists to conduct due diligence concerning intellectual property assets in numerous transactions. We also provide advice that you can depend on regarding how to best protect intellectual property assets and licenses during mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, business restructuring, and in bankruptcy.

The attorneys of Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP have the knowledge, skill and experience to assist your company with the big picture issues related to intellectual property, including developing and maximizing your company's intellectual property portfolio, assessing competitors' intellectual property assertions, or otherwise analyzing corporate intellectual property issues.

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